Thursday 4th June
Team of two AED 250
Team of four AED 375
T’s & C’s: Over 21’s only.
Zoom dial-in

Join Detective Will Gettam For A Night of “Whodunit?”, Where Everyone Is A Suspect
Located somewhere on the coast of Southern England is a sleepy neighbourhood called Lockdowne Town where everyone knows everyone else’s business – a community that was once sociably interactive until a spate of murders forced them to look at each other differently…
The crime takes place in a fictitious setting called Lockdowne Town and the name of the game is to identify the murdering team, the location and the weapon used within an allotted time of two hours.
A map and the front page of the local newspaper, Daily Lockdowne, will be delivered to teams, along with Reform’s favourites eats on Friday afternoon, and these will be vital assets in helping to solve the crime.
Can you beat the clock and solve the murder mystery?

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